Ripple Premium White Tea-25 gm

Ripple Premium White Tea-25 gm
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White Tea is the most revered of all teas. One of the rarest teas in the world and once reserved for the nobility in China, this quintessence of tea is the preferred choice of the elite class segment and now available to all of us.

Ripple White Tea is the most delicate flavor teas from all the varieties of KDHP and is prepared from the most tender hand-picked leaf tips and buds from a few selected high quality clones that imparts a light white/ snowy appearance to the tea with minimal amount of processing. While the liquor gives refreshing taste and aroma, it also ensures maximum retention of anti-oxidants as compared to any other type of Tea. White Tea consists of buds that are covered with fine ‘silvery’ hairs that impart a light white/grey colour to the tea

Light and delicate tea with a fresh green note. High in anti-oxidants 

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